Curly Girl

The Sunday afternoon outfit/photo post seems to be becoming a regular feature.  Today's isn't so much about the clothes, though -- it's about hair!

I think I've wanted curly hair for as long as I can remember.  Back when I was 7 or 8, I remember putting my hair in numerous tiny braids, trying to get some body.  (I probably looked more like Ms. Frizzle than anything else, but it pleased my tiny mind at the time!)

More recently, I've tried all kinds of ways to get my hair to hold curl.  It's naturally straight, straight, straight, and curls often fall out less than an hour after putting them in.  I've tried foam rollers, hot rollers, curling irons both large and small, rag curls, pin curls... and none of them really worked.  (Well - when I had really short hair pin curls worked, but I looked like Shirley Temple, which was a bit unfortunate since I was 20 at the time...)

Then a few weeks ago I tried the tutorial for "Sarah Jessica Parker" curls from the blog Love Maegan.  Mine turned out a little less "big, bouncy curls" and a little more natural and tousled, but that's actually what I prefer so I was thrilled!  I've always loved Elizabeth's hair (from Delightfully Tacky) and I feel this method gives me kind of the same look -- very windblown and casual.  (With the deep side part I feel like I'm channelling Julia Roberts, which is okay with me...)

The method is kind of like pincurls, except you twist the hair even more, and instead of rolling them flat against your head they twist up into spirals that stick out a bit.  I always feel like an alien but  nobody sees me at night so that's okay!  I start with barely-damp hair and sleep on the spirals, and then finger-comb them out in the morning.

Curly hair from a few weeks ago (with extraneous white fuzzy.)
And they stay in!  It doesn't give me ringlets or anything, but my hair holds body and texture all day long, which it's never done before.  These photos were taken about 4:30 pm... I combed out the curls about 9 this morning.  I'd gone for a long walk in the wind also.  And, I get tons of compliments on this hairstyle.  So -- this method is a success, I think!

Outfit information: Coat: Old Navy / Top: Target / Skirt: part of my 2-piece Evan Picone suit (Marshalls) / Tights: Ross or Marshalls / Shoes: Payless / Earrings (should you be able to find them in amongst all the hair: Premiere Designs.


  1. I was opposite! I always wanted super straight hair and am finally embracing my crazy curly hair :-) My hair also looks very red when I get my picture taken in the sun :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment, Beth! I've finally become resigned to my straight hair - I even like it most of the time! - but I feel that a style with a little more volume is more flattering to my face, so I love curls :)

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  3. I see Beth beat me to it...

    The hair looks really good Gillian -- I could never keep curl either, which is why it is now short

  4. wow beautiful hair, post tutorial with your routine o/


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