A very knitterly post

So, most of you who knit have probably heard of the Yarn Harlot (otherwise and more politely known as Stephanie McPhee.)  Sadly I have never read any of her actual printed books (which probably makes me an outcast in many knitting circles), but I do read her blog faithfully, and it is pretty excellent.  She is funny and smart and occasionally poignant, and she writes really well.

This month, she's doing a totally brilliant series on Gifts for Knitters, geared towards non-knitters who know their loved ones who knit would love something useful and cool for Christmas, but haven't the least idea where to start.  I have been nodding and saying "yes, that's absolutely right!" each time she puts up a new suggestion (it's one per day, theoretically), and so I thought I would share this treasure-trove of information with the world.  Or, the very small portion of the world which reads this blog, anyway.

Here is the link to her blog.  Go read, and laugh, and then leave it suggestively open on the computer so that your non-knitting loved ones will maybe take the hint.  (And no.  She did not pay me to write this post.  I just love her blog!)


In other news, I finished a couple of doilies this week and put them up in the shop.  They're really quite reasonably priced compared to others which show up on Etsy, though I almost feel bad asking that much for them since they don't take too long to knit, and they're really fun.

I also experimented with crocheted lace this week, and decided it's not worth the trouble.  I do like the look of some of it, but it takes far more concentration for me, and is not nearly as quick.  Maybe I'll give it another go at some point, but for now, I'm loving these knitted doilies.  Expect to see more of them in the near future!