Music for the Fourth Sunday of Advent

Today I had the privilege of being the soprano soloist for a performance of Saint-Saëns' "Christmas Oratorio" at a local church.  It was quite an ambitious work, and the solo work was hard.  Lots of high notes, and lots of singing in general.  This was one of my favourite numbers from the oratorio - the soprano/tenor/baritone trio.  Unfortunately we didn't record the concert, but here's a good version from YouTube. (We sang it in English, though.)

That was a bonus!  Here's the official Advent music selection ;-)  This one is probably more of a Christmas Eve/Day song, really, but it's so lovely I want to share it (and I have something special planned for Christmas Eve and the day itself!)  We sang this anthem at church a few weeks ago and will repeat it at the Christmas Eve services.  I'm not sure whether it's the melody or something about the text, but the first time we sang through this I found myself in tears.  It is beautiful.