Public Service Announcement

Dear Jogger who I almost hit this evening,

I understand that you want to get your daily exercise, even on cold, gloomy, rainy evenings.  But if you must do so outside, please realize that it is NOT a good idea to don black sweats and a dark cap, and then go jog on an unlit and winding road, relying only on the (faint) reflectors on your running shoes to make you visible.  The only reason you are not now flat on your back in the hospital is because I thought the twinkling of your shoes was probably a raccoon's eyes, and swerved.  The rest of your person didn't register until I was already passed.

For the sake of those drivers who would rather not become guilty of manslaughter, please invest in some light-coloured exercise gear, or go find a gym that's open past 5.

A severely shaken driver.


  1. This is just weird, because my best friend had a similar experience earlier this evening also.

    At the very least, they should wear a reflective vest!

    Glad you're okay, though, and that the person wasn't injured!

  2. How odd! I guess 'tis the season... I hope your friend is also okay!


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