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I think it's interesting how people tend to assume that "classical" music is beyond the reach of the average citizen, and when they are trying to make it appeal to those who are not trained musicians, they jazz it up or add special effects or something.

Take this video for example.

A friend posted this on Facebook this morning.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it; the idea is really cool, and it's well executed.  But then I started thinking, I really think the original -- one cello, no gimmicks - is actually at least as dramatic and exciting as this version.  Maybe more.

Maybe that's just me?  After all I am a "trained musician" and I did grow up with Bach.  But listen to this:

What do you think?  I've had this reaction before to "souped-up" classical music.  I'm curious whether anyone else thinks the same way!


  1. I'm not a trained musician and I came to love Bach later in life and I think the same as you do. Bach needs no bells and whistles. His music has lasted so many centuries because it is so magnificent! I listened to the "souped up" version for only a minute but listened to the original twice. :)

  2. Agree!! This is beautiful X

  3. That's a good way to put it - Bach needs no bells and whistles!

    Lola, thanks for the comment! I'm glad to find another like-minded person :-)


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