WIFD Day Three

Well, yesterday I didn't take pictures, and anyway I just wore jeans, but today I took double-duty photos!

Double-duty, because they are both photos of what I wore today, and documentation of another newly-completed sewing project! (Please excuse the photo quality; I can't find my camera charger and my mother's was objecting to the dusky lighting outside.)

Here it is: Simplicity 4086, view B, in a lovely, slightly stretchy denim. I flat-felled all the seams and topstitched in a tan thread, so it has a "storebought" look, but nicer! It fastens with pewter buttons and is very comfortable and fun to wear.

About the rest of my outfit, for the WIFD: I wore a black knit shirt from Old Navy (a size small, but strangely it fits me!) over a camisole from Kohls; the sweater is a garage sale find, perfect for cool summer evenings as it's mainly openwork, and the sandals (which I shed to climb our apple tree) are from Sketchers; I bought them on sale this summer for about $15.

Considering that I have size 11 feet and can almost never find cute shoes to fit me, this was a bargain!

Katie opted to join me for WIFD today. Her knit dress is a hand-me-down from somewhere or other, and I highly doubt she wore shoes at all today. I only did because I went out for the afternoon.

Here's a better view of the skirt - it has a lovely drape and flow. My hair I twisted back off my face and fastened - with a flat clip and two bobby pins, and my bangs *still* fell in my face! Ah well ;-)

And yes, in case you were wondering, we did both climb the apple tree in skirts to take pictures!


  1. I love your outfit! It's great for modern times, but has a decided retro flair.

    Katie's outfit is cute, too. I love that shade of red.


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