I find I've been quite lax in posting lately, for which I apologise!  I have, however, been busy in other ways, so I have several sewing projects to share with you over the next few days (whenever I can find my camera battery charger so I can upload photos!)  My 1830s stays are all but finished (must sand the busk and stitch the openings for it and the two back stays), and I have a lovely 1940s dress to share as well.

I also spent a good part of yesterday and today cleaning, tidying, sorting and organising my bedroom, and I'm SO pleased with it now!  It's been terribly untidy all summer - I got home from college, half-way unpacked, got distracted and never finished, so it's been full of piles and half-emptied boxes and clutter all summer.  It's so nice to have the floor free, the tables and my sewing machine clear, and everything in place again!

So - I hope to upload some photos of my latest projects over this weekend.  I'll try to be more regular in posting in future!