WIFD Day One!

This being the first day of the "Week In Feminine Dress" over at the S&S forums, I thought I'd get in on the fun and post some pictures here!

Here's the dress I wore today: Vintage Vogue #2858 in $1.50/yard navy crepe from Wal-Mart. I made it up a few weeks ago and despite having to size the pattern up it went together like a dream. I love it!
It's a 1944 pattern and it just cried for a hat. A couple weeks ago when this first photo was taken I wore an old hat of my grandmother's - probably circa 1950, although I'm no judge of hats.

This one's actually from today, again with a hat! This one I made myself, with leftovers of the dress fabric and using a Vogue pattern. It was quite a challenge - buckram is quite interesting to work with! - but I got through it and I love it.
My only disappointment is that this style of hat does not look good with straight hair. And mine is certainly not naturally curly. So I take advantage of the days when I sleep on hard plastic rollers to wear my hats - and take photographs! :D

And now for something completely different! This probably ought to be a separate post but I've already uploaded the photos and I'm too lazy (or let's say, tired) to wait and do them again. So here we go!
These are a couple of my other recent sewing projects - a blouse and a skirt. The blouse is from a "New Look" pattern (I *think* -- I'll check on that tomorrow (It's tomorrow, and I checked! The pattern is New Look 6599, more or less view C)), with some alterations - I added tucks and lace insertion, and lengthened it some. It went together well but came out just a wee bit small; but if I lose the few pounds I'm hoping to it should be fine. It's made in fine cotton voile with bought lace insertion and trim. I hope in the near future to get some "close-up" shots of it!

The skirt is another matter. I drafted it myself - the first garment I've ever tried that with. It's a simple 6-gore skirt, with darts front and back for a closer fit, and a wide waistband. I made it in the most heavenly chocolate brown moleskin fabric - it was like sewing with kitten fur! The waistband is interlined with a stiff, canvas-y fabric from my stash, as well as interfaced; I didn't want it collapsing on me. The skirt fastens with a side zip and two hooks and bars. Overall I'm extremely pleased with how it came out!

So, one last picture just for fun! (The loops on the back of the blouse are supposed to have ribbon through them - but I forgot to put it in! Ooops...)


  1. Love it, Gillian! You look totally stylish in those outfits... and that hat is too superb!

  2. Too cute. You made that hat? Fun!

  3. Thanks Clare! Jenny, yes, I did :)


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