I missed out taking WIFD photos yesterday - sorry! And I'm not sure I'll get to them today either.

You see, tomorrow I leave for another year of college, 12 hours and about 700 miles from home. Which means that when we drive away tomorrow, my whole life has to be in the car - books, clothes, music, kitchen stuff, sewing and knitting supplies... everything I'll need for the next 9 months or so.

And this being me (Procrastinator Extraordinaire) I neglected to start packing until this morning.

(Feel free to insert incredulous laughter and copious scolding, here... I'm sure I deserve them.)

Anyway, it's going fairly well, I suppose. All the clothes and books and bedding and kitchen odds and ends are packed up (along with a sampling of home-made jams), and I'm down to sorting through my yarn stash to decide what I'm taking, and rounding up the odds and ends in some semblance of order. That's always the part that takes longest, though. I was going for down-sizing this year and only taking the essentials, but I'm not sure that I've achieved that - and I won't know until I try to pack it all into the van when my mum comes back from running errands. If we can get it in without removing one of the bucket seats (the back bench seat always comes out; that's a given) and with a little room to spare so that the rear-view mirror is useful, then I'm doing well!

I should get back to work; I have apple pies to make and bathing suits to finish up today as well as the packing. But I just had to sit down, have a rest, and write about this all first; if I write it up, it seems humourous and then I don't get overwhelmed! But for now, back to the chaos ;-)


  1. Best Wishes on a new school year!

    And, safe travels tomorrow!


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