WIFD Day Four

Today was a going-out day; we made a stop at IKEA on the way to the airport to pick up my brother, who has been in Arizona with relatives for the last two months. Boy, was it good to see him! He hove into view looking like the stereotypical beach boy... cargo pants, loose, brightly-patterned shirt (untucked), his hair shoulder-length and topped with a backwards baseball cap, and very "cool" sunglasses. My little brother's getting all growed up! But he's still the same David - silly jokes, unique mannerisms, charming smile and all. I'm glad to get him back!

Here are photos of the day's outfits for Kate and me!

My skirt is a $2 find from Salvation Army this week, but the tag says Covington. It's a wee bit on the short side for someone of my stature, but I really love it - I just wear shorts underneath.

Kate's shirt is a hand-me-down; the tag says "Wayne Diamonds Designs". Her skirt, also a hand-me-down, is minus the tag so I can't help you there!

My top came from Target, I believe, about 5 years ago. It has this fabulous drapey cowl neck, and it looks like a sweater but is really thin, so I can wear it in summer. Earlier in the day I was wearing my black Sketchers - they're almost a Mary-Jane style, though the strap crosses twice - but they're brand new and after four or five hours they'd rubbed my heels raw, so I discarded them before the photos were taken.

Yes, I like trees :)