Tennessee weather is crazy!  Saturday I was out and about in flipflops and a t-shirt.  Sunday night I had to crawl in to my through the passenger door because all the others were frozen shut.  And yesterday we got freezing rain and sleet and the most beautiful delicate coating of ice over all the plants and trees.  (And cars.  But the roads were fine!)

A perfect ice mold of the leaf below it.
For some reason cold stormy weather always makes me want to bake things.  Yesterday was no different.  I made a jello salad and a pan of cornbread and a buttermilk pie.  (And my landlady's kid made chocolate chip cookies - so clearly it's not just me!)  The house smelled fantastic. 

I went for a walk in the freezing rain, just at dusk.  It was cold but not frigid, and between the boots, and the umbrella, and the wool coat and hat and mittens and scarf, I was toasty warm.  There's something magical about frozen precipitation.  Snow of course, but I love sleet and freezing rain.  Something about how it's water until it hits something... My umbrella had a coat of ice when I got home.

And then I came in to a warm house that smelled of good things to eat, and that was magical too.

Bonus picture of Conrad enjoying my quilt/blanket cave from last week. We had one of those days.