Conspiracy Theory

So Justin and I were working on my Strauss songs for the recital (in two weeks.  Two weeks!) yesterday afternoon, and I commented that they seemed to fit my voice as if Strauss'd written them just for me.  (Which is nice.)

Fast forward to last night and we're texting, talking about the operas we've been in together, as "siblings, strangers in a Nazi country... or a ridiculous looking husband and wife."  (In Riders to the Sea, The Consul, and Hansel and Gretel, respectively.)  Whereupon I said the sibling relationship was the first and best (because truest to our actual friendship) and Justin said "Aw, I wanted to go to early 20th century Germany!"  And I said that we'd have to discover time-travel first.  And then had an epiphany.

Of course!  That's why my Strauss songs fit as if written for me.  Because they WERE written for me.  Because later in our lives we discover time travel and go back and meet Richard Strauss and he writes songs for me to sing -- back in 2013 before I ever met him.  Of course.  Naturally!

I think I lost Justin at this point.  But it all makes perfect sense to me!

(One of the songs I'm singing, done here by the impeccable Elly Ameling. I do *not* sing it quite this slowly, not having her immense capacity for breath control!)


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