Keane again!

Some of you may remember when I went to see Keane back in June, and the transformer blew out and set a fire, cutting the concert short.  A little too much excitement for me!  Well, they came back to Nashville in spite of this misfortune, so we went again.

This time they were playing at The Ryman.  It's a really beautiful venue, and we were SO CLOSE to the stage.  Fourth row back at the end, but the "rows" are curved, so we were just a few feet from the stage.  It was great!

Tom.  He does this a lot.  But it works for him, so who cares?

They played lots of my favourites - Disconnected, She Has No Time, Hamburg Song, and Sea Fog, and of course most of their standard hits.  Of course Tom had to talk about setting fire to the venue last time (which got a cheer from the crowd).  Nothing horrible happened this time though, except that one of their keyboards went on the fritz and wouldn't sustain notes... at which point Tim remarked that it was because Tom swore at the Ryman, which is against the rules.  (Laughter.)  But they made everything work anyway.  It was a beautiful concert.  The audience was responsive but not rowdy... people sang along a lot but not *all* the time... Tom was in fabulous voice and the whole band sounded great.
Tim, on keyboards. He was way on the other side of the stage so quite hard to get good photos.
 I didn't take nearly as many photos this time -- partly because my battery was dying, but also I'd done that bit already, so I mostly just enjoyed the concert.  I couldn't resist snapping a few though!

And then afterwards we hung around by the stage door and got to meet the guys.  That was fun!  Obviously they didn't have a lot of time to talk because they had to hop on a bus and head off to their next gig, and there were lots of other fans waiting too.  But I was glad to get the chance to tell them in person how much I enjoy their music!

All in all, a fantastic night, and if I get the chance to see them again, I'll take it!


(This is from our concert!  I dunno why there's a dude talking in the background - rude!  Our seats were a lot better than this guy's, too.)


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