The Amy Scarf

You've seen quite a bit of this scarf around here in various stages of completion, but here she is in all her full glory.  Or not - the sik in this yarn gives it a luscious shimmer which just doesn't quite translate on camera and makes the colour really quite difficult to capture.

But I think you get the idea.

Just for comparison -- here's the original, and here's how mine turned out.  I think I got it!

And even if you've never watched a second of Doctor Who and couldn't care less about Amy Pond, you've got to admit the lace patern is pretty.

This beauty is in my shop this week, and I think I'm going to have to make another just for myself, because I'm a little in love!


  1. Oh That is Lovely Gil! You nailed the pattern!

  2. Oh that is so pretty, you did a wonderful job!

  3. I'm a fairly new convert to Dr Who and haven't caught up to the Pond episodes yet...just started with Martha actually...but I have to say the lace of this scarf is truly lovely!

    1. Why thank you! Have fun with Martha - I really like her :)


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