Sunny Days

This quilt may be the only sunny day I see for a while!  I went for a bit of a bike ride this morning to photograph this - the weather was gorgeous, mid-60s and breezy, and it was delightful except for the fact that I haven't ridden a bike since July or so, and my legs protested.  But this afternoon it turned cold and cloudy and it's been raining since about 4 pm.  Not that I'm complaining - it's almost December and it's about time we had some cold weather.  It's just not so great for bike rides ;)

But back to the quilt!  Almost all of this fabric is left over from other quilts - the yellow didn't fit into the colour scheme of its original project quite so well as I thought it would, and the blues and greens are mostly from the Summer Nights quilt I made a few years ago.  The backing is the same sheet I used on that quilt as well, but there wasn't quite enough, so I pieced some of my yellow fabric into it.

It's machine-pieced and hand-quilted, as all of mine are (my poor machine can't handle that many layers, and I love the look of hand-quilting!)  The main quilt is just done in simple diagonals, but for the border I used one of the quilting stencils which a dear friend gave me for my last birthday.  (Thank you, Joy!)  It was so easy - I just traced the pattern with a fabric pen, stitched along the lines, and bunged the whole thing in the washer to get rid of the ink.

I really like how this one turned out !  It's cheerful and sunny and I think it would be perfect for a baby boy.  It's crib-sized, but would also work well for a play mat.  It's in my shop tonight!