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You may remember last year I went all out with my costume for Halloween.  This year I decided on something a little more low-key, since I had to be at school and church and at least pretend to be professional.  So, here I give you my interpretation of Amy Pond's costume from the "Vampires of Venice" episode.

I don't know what that face is.  Challenges of self-photography with a timer...
Unfortunately I don't have many good photos.  I really need a tripod instead of relying on whatever object of convenient height might be standing around... that or a friend who likes taking outfit photos!  It's not a completely accurate reproduction of the costume - Amy's boots are black, her shirt slightly more muted, and of course she's a ginger.  But I worked with what I had (and I didn't dare play with hair dye less than a month before the opera.  I have no desire to be slaughtered by an irate director!)

I'll be wearing this again though, to get proper photos of the scarf.  It's the defining piece of the outfit, to me... and I finished it at an ungodly hour of the morning, gave it a quick bath, and stretched it out on a couple towels so it would be wearable.  Once it's had a proper blocking I'll do an official blog post before it goes up in the shop.

Anyway, I achieved my goal.  I got to dress up as Amy, which pleased me; I still looked fairly "normal", but friends who watch Doctor Who figured out the costume.  Oh, and my new haircut turned out to be just about the right length for Amy, though that wasn't my reason for the trim!

(Side note: this may be the shortest skirt I have ever worn.  The scary thing is it wasn't nearly the shortest one I saw in my size in the shops. Yikes.)

(Clothing details: Skirt and shirt from thrift stores, belt and jacket from Target, tights from Forever 21, boots from Payless.  Scarf made by me.)

Bonus: pretty sunshine!


  1. Wow, you scarf looks beautiful! You did a great job with the outfit...it looks very Amy to me:)


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