Photo Shoot

Yesterday I did a bit of a photo shoot for the completed secret knitting.  I'd planned it all out in my head -- Dunbar Cave again, with brilliant blue skies, blazing autumnal foliage, and the warm golden light of late afternoon.  October has been behaving more like September recently, anyway.  It would be perfect.

Then it rained.  Really rained -- not to mention the unexpected 30-degree overnight drop in temperature.

But since I have a deadline to send this off, I decided to go for it anyway.  My sweet model was a trooper, and we just worked the umbrella into the photos.  I think I might like the shots I got even better than what I'd originally planned for.

You only get the vague, distant, or slightly blurry ones today, since after all it is a secret project and I can't really show you until it becomes un-secret.  When that happens, though, I'll have a proper post with all the photos and more details about the project!  For now, just enjoy photos of a big red umbrella in the rain.