October sunshine and a birthday hat

I went for a walk today after church -- mostly just to enjoy the gorgeous weather, but also to scope out possible sites for a future photo shoot.

The weather was perfect!  Maybe about 60, with sun and a brisk wind, pleasantly chilly when I took off my coat.  (People at church kept asking me why I was "bundled up" - I never thought that a lightweight trench coat, thin scarf, and hat chosen for fashion purposes counted as bundled up when the projected high is 55*... but maybe I'm wrong.)

These are all at Dunbar Cave state park, just a couple miles from school.  The trails are very easy - the longest is only about 2 miles - but it's pretty!  The woods were alive with squirrels and birds, and I startled saw a doe and her fawn off the trail at one point.  Down by the lake (Swan Lake!) were ducks and geese, and turtles sunbathing.

Mostly there were other hikers (complete with requisite "exercise" clothes and a couple of dogs apiece).  Somebody told me "you look too cute to be hiking!" which I decided to take as a compliment, except I didn't really consider this a hike.  More of a leisurely walk through the woods, for which purpose my outfit was perfectly adequate.

Also: people look at you really funny if they catch you taking self-photographs on a woodland trail.  So mostly if I heard someone coming I took nature photos instead.

We're not at peak colour yet, but some of the trees are putting on their autumn finery!
Oh!  And the reason I took the camera in the first place was to get photos of my hat, which my sweet sister made for my birthday.  (She forgot to weave in the loose ends afterwards, but I forgive her!)  Since my birthday's in July, though, I haven't had an opportunity until now to wear it.

I love it.  It's the perfect shade of red and it looks good with my hair loose, which most hats do not.

Fuzzy, overexposed, failed "jump" shot. It makes me laugh.
(Dress from Ross, several years ago.  Tights and boots from Target.  Coat from Old Navy.  Scarf from a market stall somewhere in France - Nice, maybe?  Hat from my sister.)


  1. I love your outfit!!! So classy:)

  2. You are so cute! I love that red hat! I have always wanted to wear hats but have never been gutsy enough.

    1. Thanks, Erin! You should go for a hat - I'm sure you could pull one off! I do sometimes feel a little self-conscious (especially if I wear one of my vintage 40s/50s hats) but I usually forget I even have it on after a while and then it's fine! :-)


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