Happy things

Once again I've been neglecting my blog... it's the time of the semester when professors decide you really need more projects, and there seems to be a performance every week, and you start getting stressed about being ready for the opera or your voice juries.  (That's if you're me, anyway.)  So today, three things that have made me happy this week!

These no-bake cookies.  They have craisins in them and they're so yummy!  Between the oats, peanut butter, and dried fruit, I can pretend they're healthy... right?  (I bet they'd be good with other kinds of fruit in them, too.  I plan to experiment!)

My Amy Pond scarf.  It's over half-way finished now, I think!  The colour is refusing to photograph correctly - it's a true red, not at all orange, not too blue.  This is the closest I could get, but the red is a little darker and more saturated.

This book!  My professors know me too well.  One of them found this at a used book store over the weekend and said she had to get it for me.  It's great :-D

Also in the past few weeks I've hemmed six choir dresses and done alterations for a friend's recital dress (two layers of heavy knit fabric and one of chiffon - youch.)  And I finished the secret sample knitting, but I can't show you pictures of that here yet for a while.