Red Dragon and Sunflowers

Red Dragon is the name of the yarn colour, of course.  This is my skein of Mithril, which I've been fondling almost non-stop since it arrived last week.  It's so lovely.

And since it's destined to become Amy Pond's lace scarf, which she wears most memorably in the episode with Vincent Van Gogh -- I had to photograph it with my sunflowers.  I've been driving past a drift of them on the roadside for the last few weeks, thinking how lovely they are but not wanting to pick any... and then yesterday I saw that the mowing crew had been by and knocked down a lot of them.  So I immediately pulled off and went to see if I could rescue any.  They're cheering up a corner of my bedroom, now, in a bright blue ceramic vase.  Sunflowers should always be put in blue vases.


  1. Beautiful! I want some yarn that color now:)


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