Lost My Voice

I thought I was recovering from this cold and then wham.  Out of the blue today, about an hour before the end of my shift at work, my voice started dying on me.  I could feel it going.  The sudden hoarseness.  The need to clear my throat before addressing a new customer.  The drop in pitch to a low, rather sultry, cabaret-singer sort of voice.  That bit's quite fun while it lasts, but unfortunately it never lingers more than a couple of hours.

Now I can't talk at all.  Barely a rasp when I tried to greet the cat.  I could verily be the "speak no evil" monkey because I cannot, in fact, speak at all.  So I shall drink lemon and honey tea and push liquids and not even try to talk at all and hope my voice will return to me before the choir callback auditions which are happening on Sunday afternoon.  (And that maybe they will let me clean theatres tomorrow at work instead of trying to work concessions with a non-existent voice.)