Time Vortex

A month or so ago I bought some wool fiber on Etsy (from Gnome Acres, who specialize in dyeing slightly nerdy colourways.  I got the yarn for the Phoenix socks from them as well.)  The colour scheme was inspired by the opening credits of the latest season or so of Doctor Who - swirling blue and purple, and it was called Into the Vortex.

As I started spinning it up I was fascinated by the way the act of spinning mimics the motion of the vortex animation - the constant mixing, swirling, and separating of the various shades of wool.  Even in the singles this is evident....

and in the plied yarn, even more so.  

One skein ended up pretty evenly mixed, with the blue and the purple plied with each other most of the time.  The other one is much more distinct -- long sections of mostly-blue alternating with long sections of mostly-purple.  I haven't yet decided if I'm going to try to mix them together - a few rows from one skein, a few from the other -- or just let things be.

A wee bit darker than this in real life.  The sunlight washed it out a bit.
I'm planning to make this into socks.  I thought about carrying the twisty-vortex idea to its extreme and doing spiral-rib tube socks... but that would just be too much.  I'm thinking a basic rib, with perhaps a cable thrown in somewhere to carry on the vortex motif.  And I think I'll have to go against my usual desires and knit these toe-up -- since I'm not quite sure how long the homespun yarn will go.  It's about the weight and approximate yardage of a hank of sock yarn, but mine is a tiny bit thicker and I'm sure will knit up differently.  But we shall see!

Brand new DPNs to assist in the knitting process.
It's squooshy and soft, but sturdy.  I like it :-D


  1. Gillian! This is Amorette B from RCA/ISLAS! I was just racing around online, and found this from another someone's blog (again, I've seen this before), and when I saw your name was Frank later on, I was all shocked! Then I saw Kristen (of the Rufus) in your followers. So it really is you?! Knitting, Doctor Whoing, and singing, too?

    The yarning and knitting is motivating. Love all the pictures. I hope my hijacking is in protocol!

  2. Hey! I did indeed take classes through ISLAS! And now knitting, Doctor Whoing, and singing my heart out :) How are you?

  3. Oh, I'm alright. But I realised, I am so silly- you were on SO, but the Gillian I was thinking of was of a 'W'-beginning last name. I don't think I actually had the honour of knowing you, but I noticed you on the online list on Scholars Online, I should think? Or elsewhere.

    I looked at your Etsy shoppe and I love the Doctor Who scarf. I'm no real good knitter, but people at church awhile ago told me I should make a Doctor Who scarf to sell because I could get so much for it. ^.^

    1. Hey! No worries - I'm glad you commented even if I wasn't quite who you were thinking of. I *was* ISLAS/SO so you were close! And your name seems familiar, too :) I didn't know there was another Gillian though... hmmm...

      You should go for it with the scarf! Mine took quite a while to knit but it was never boring since the colours keep switching up. It hasn't sold yet but there's still hope! ;)


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