A Parade of Pachyderms

Finally all the elephants are finished and on their way to their new owners!

I love how they all have a personality - they are knit from the same pattern, in the same yarn, and sewn up in the same way, and yet they manage to be very different.

Sad eyes.
The baby - a little unsteady on his pins.

Out for a walk.  Incidentally, you can see why we're under a fireworks/burn ban -- the whole place is dry and crispy :/

All these new elephants were made for specific people and are already sold.  However, the pink elephant (who wanted to join the parade) is still available in my Etsy shop.  And should you want your own custom-made elephant, feel free to ask!  These were knit in the cotton-blend yarns from KnitPicks (here and here), but they'd be lovely in a washable wool as well.  I can do any combination of colours your heart desires :-)  I think these would make fun baby shower gifts, or even a birthday present for a slightly older child, and they can be made to coordinate with baby's nursery or the child's favourite colours.

There is also a listing on Etsy for a custom-knit elephant.  I'm happy to go through Etsy or through private channels :-)

Little one got left a little behind...
I hope you all have had a happy Fourth of July!  I spent mine working at the theatre and then trying to see (banned) fireworks over the tops of houses.  Not very restful, but that's okay :-)  Did you have any special plans for the day?  Any good food?


  1. I really want a pink one, but I'm broke! I will, in the future, get a pink one and name it Tuffany!

    1. Just let me know whenever you are un-broke! :-D That name is too cute.

  2. Oh my god - I love them. :) I used to crochet and I miss it so much.

    1. Thanks :) I had to take a short break from knitting once due to some wrist strain and I nearly went crazy... couldn't wait to get back to it! Maybe someday soon you'll have time again :)


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