Still Alive

Sorry for the bit of blog silence, you guys.  I worked all weekend (and when I didn't work, I slept.  Good plan, I think.)

Also, it finally rained.  Torrentially and with the hugest lightning storms I've ever seen.   This makes the power go out at work.  Power outages at a movie theatre = lots of irate movie-goers.  As if we turned the power out on purpose.  Sigh.  (An aside: if the weather is going to be like that and disrupt my work, the least it could do is to produce Thor for a few minutes... Chris Hemsworth at our theatre would make it all worth it.)

Not from this week.  But representative.

When I wasn't dealing with customers who couldn't get it through their heads that no, I cannot sell them concessions, because the power is out and my computer is down and I can't open my register, this happened.

Time Vortex yarn.  Finished now.  Pictures soon.

And this happened.  (Probably it also happened while I was dealing with customers who couldn't... oh, you get the point... but I can't be sure since I wasn't home to look.)

He has such a rough life.

And this happened.  This afternoon.  Curled up with an afghan and my knitting and the cat and a pot of tea and the very first series of Doctor Who.  Late afternoon sunlight is the best.