Random Monday

Sorry about the long silence on the blog.  I've had so much going on that ought to be blogged about - which means I haven't had time to do it!  Briefly, though, a few highlights...

1.  I went to the CiRCE conference with my mum.  Fantastic.  I'll probably be posting more about issues I've been thinking about since this -- so much food for thought!

2.  Survived my second tornado.  (Or possibly not an actual tornado.  But really big storm, anyway.)  It took the roof off one wing of our hotel at the conference.  Naturally our room was on the top floor.  But we were blessed - no damage to any of our belongings.  Here's a link to coverage of the damage...

3.  I had a birthday, and two of my friends had their babies that same day.  Yay!  I like babies!

4.  I've been dog-sitting the past 10 days.  Normally I enjoy dog-sitting.  But not this time.

5.  One of the dogs is okay, mostly.  She's spoiled, so she begs for food and barks for attention and is generally obnoxious, but I can live with her.  The other one... well, she's about 85 lbs and can put her paws on my shoulders without an effort (and does.)  She has no manners at all, and she has to be watched constantly, because if you take your eyes off her for two seconds she will have stolen something off the counter or out of the bathroom or out of your hand, and destroyed it.  Since last Sunday she has shredded a book, disembowled a cushion, eaten a myriad of small bits and pieces of paper, run off with my hairbrush, and swiped half a pizza.  And this is just the big stuff.  Also, they both bark all the time.

6.  Both of them would be lovely dogs if they'd been trained and given some boundaries.  (And also - how do you LIVE with a dog like that on a daily basis?  She's not just acting out for the babysitter either.  All these bad behaviours were written down for me so I could expect them.  There just weren't any consequences written down.)

7.  People shouldn't be allowed to own dogs if they don't want to train them and be responsible for them.  Just saying.

8.  I saw The Dark Knight Rises yesterday.  Excellent movie.  More on that later.

9.  I went to the theatre in my church clothes and three of my co-workers didn't recognise me.  I had no idea clothes and hair made that much difference!

10.  I've watched more TV this week with the Olympics than I have all summer.  I'm loving the gymnastics, and for some reason the swimming as well.  Good stuff!