Yarny Goodness

Any day that you receive three packages in the same post is a good day!  Especially when one of them is from your family, and one of them is this:

and the third contains five skeins of gorgeous wool in a suitably Pond-ish red.

From StitchKnit.
Actually this is the third delivery of Amy-coloured wool in the last week.  I have so far restrained myself from beginning any actual knitting on either of Amy's scarves, but I could not resist the yarn hunt.  An hour or so on Etsy turned up several good possibilities.

In addition to the vintage Wool and Shetland Wool which arrived today (a DK/light worsted, probably), we also have the three skeins of Peace Fleece worsted, scored at a ridiculously low price,

Which really is a beautiful deep red, contrary to this photo.  From Thoughtful Rose Supply.
and the merino/cashmere/angora/nylon blend, which is not only beautifully cuddly and is going to be perfect for the lace scarf, but is recycled from a sweater and is therefore also good for the world.  (Because, recycling and stuff.)

From Sweet Pea Fabrics.
I also have to show you the ridiculously adorable owl stitch markers (also from Etsy) which came last week.  I really need to find another project that needs stitch markers, because really?  How could you resist these guys?

From JL Yarnworks.
Also, this is probably one of the best dedication pages I have ever seen.

I am however coming to the conclusion that having a regular pay cheque (and therefore, a small amount of disposable income) is a really bad idea.  At least for the stash.  I was going to try to pare down my stash this summer, and so far I have not made any progress in that direction.  AT all.  I'm self-imposing a yarn ban as of now, though -- no new purchases unless necessary for a commission until I have my current stash down to a reasonable size.  "Reasonable size" as yet to be defined -- first I have to find out what I actually have.

I'll leave you with one more picture of owl markers, and the vague hope that I might post about something non-knitting-related at some point this week!


  1. Thanks so much for picturing the yarn from Stitchknit here on your blog! I'm enjoying some new visitors from your blog, to my little shop!
    Sorry about you not making ANY progress with reducing your yarn stash! :) I'm not making any headway either; sell one, buy two isn't working!

    1. I'm glad my post is bringing you some visitors! Visitors are fun :) (And thanks for dropping by my blog!)

      I know - I've been using the proceeds of my Etsy sales to fund my yarn purchases. Not quite what we were going for. But at least my hobby is becoming more self-supporting, even if it is taking over my apartment :-)


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