Something for me

Most of the craft work around here lately has been commissions or things for the shop, but this month I'm going to make a little something for myself.

I've joined the Mystery Shawl knit-along designed and hosted by Kristen Kapur (she blogs at Through The Loops, and her designs are gorgeous!)  The only cost is the pattern ($4) and the yarn, which I already had.

She sends out "clues" about once a week throughout the month of June, and at the end of the month I, and the other participants, will have a finished shawl.  Or at least that's the plan.  The first clue came on June 1st, and that's what you're seeing here.  I have three four elephants to knit this month as well as a few other projects, so my shawl might take me a little longer than just the month of June.  But I'm looking forward to something a little lacy, something a little challenging, something for me.