Random on a Saturday Night

1.  Work is going well, so far, although I've been sent home early a bit oftener than I'd like.

2.  Standing up for 7 hours is hard on the feet.

3.  I've been called "darlin'", "sweetheart", and "babe" more often in the last week and a half than in the rest of my life up to that point.

4.  Unfortunately mostly by sweet older women rather than handsome single men.

5.  Oh well.

6.  Apparently green-and-brown elephants are a hot item this year.  I've got orders for three more besides the one I already sold!

7.  I might get tired of knitting elephants sometime soon.  But not very soon.  They're just so darn cute!

8.  It seems that the scent of popcorn is triggered by water.  I had thought I didn't smell much like my workplace when I got home tonight... and then I stepped in the shower.  Interesting.

9.  I have another quilt almost finished (pieced last summer) and all I really want to do is complete the quilting.  Pictures soon.

10.  This list is probably not of great interest to anyone but myself.  Sorry about that.


  1. #5
    Nuff said, huh?

  2. Gillian,
    I am one of your mom's friends from Classed who reads your blog and enjoy it very much. I like posts like this!

    1. Thank you for the comment! I am always glad to hear that people enjoy my blog - and to connect with Classed aunties :-)


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