Sunday pictures

Breakfast.  This has been standard fare lately.
Chocolate mug cake.  Recipe here.  (You can leave out the clump of un-mixed-in baking powder.)
I love how the evening sun falls on this chaise lounge.  And how Conrad will arrange himself oh so carefully to stay just outside of the sunlight.

I was "on call" for work today but they didn't need me.  I can't say how nice it has been to relax on a Sunday afternoon! It's been too long.  Lots of knitting (elephants, still) and relaxing music, and I'm planning to finish (re-re-re-re-re-re-re-reading) Anne of Avonlea this evening.

This melody didn't seem like much the first time I heard it but it has been haunting me for the last several days.  Lovely.

I hope you have all had a calm and blessed Sabbath.


  1. Look at those expensive cherries! Lap of luxury!

    1. They were on a deep sale at Kroger last week! Normally I can't afford cherries AT ALL so when I saw them so cheap I bought two bags. Mmmmmm. Taste of summer :)


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