Still Sick

This whatever-it-is feels like flu, only without a fever.  In pretty much every other respect it is the same, though.

Thanks to Nyquil I slept almost 16 hours last night, which probably helped.  I have spent most of the day lying in bed contemplating my various ailments, which is not very pleasant.  However I did not even have the energy to knit (which is how you know I'm really sick.)

Then a friend recommended a remedy.  It involves green tea, honey, lemon juice, salt, and a splash of strong liquor (I used rum) and she said "don't skimp on the salt and the rum!"  (They are supposed to kill bacteria.  It is the most vile-tasting concoction I have ever swallowed in my life, but it seems to have helped.  I sat up, watched True Grit, and took out my knitting.  (I stocked up on movies at the library this weekend, which turns out to have been a good thing!)

A strange lineup.  Suitable for a witch's brew producing vile, unspeakable concoctions.

I do not recommend this brew to anyone with a weak stomach or a strong gag reflex!  However it does seem effective.

I am hoping I am well enough to go to school tomorrow.  I've got lots to do this week!


  1. Haha I can't believe you blogged about this! Hilarious!

  2. I will blog about anything that stands still long enough ;-P Weird home remedies are great material! :-D

  3. Also: add cardamom to it (whole cardamom, if possible). As much as you can stand. That helps the flavor a little, and clears nasal passages. And grated fresh ginger is good, too.


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