Fall Break, part 2

Officially my Fall Break was two weeks ago, but this past weekend I took a trip to Knoxville to visit two of my very best friends.  It was so relaxing -- more so in fact than my "real" fall break, which was spent driving to South Carolina and back to see my brother's graduation.

I got to spend time with Zack and Shannon, who I hadn't seen since August.  (That's William, too.  He's the one with the lovely fur coat.)

We went to Six Flags and rode roller coasters.  Like this one.

(photo pulled from the web, not mine!)
We were giddy with cold and adrenaline, and I think we all felt about ten years old again.  Which is nice, every so often.

They fed me meals that looked like this.

Their backyard is full of sunshine and bright leaves, like an autumn fairyscape.

(But Zack is a little large to be an elf.)
Most of all, it was a joy to spend a couple days with people I'm so comfortable with, whose beliefs and ideals are the same as mine, and with whom I feel surrounded in love and friendship.  Zack and Shannon, thank you for the beautiful weekend!