More for the shop

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving day with family and friends!  I wasn't able to travel home to be with family, but I had a good time with my landlords and got to help with the cooking.  (I'm really glad I did - I can't imagine Thanksgiving without spending a lot of time in the kitchen!)

I've spent the rest of the weekend doing some finishing work and listing things on Etsy!  Yesterday I showed you lots of socks; one pair was just recently completed but the others have been hanging around for a while, waiting for me to get my act together.  Today, I have two crocheted afghans and a set of quilted coasters.

First up, a granny square afghan from the stash.  I used up most of my scraps in the blue/grey colour range, with the centres of each square in a creamy white surrounded by robin's-egg blue.  It's not symmetrical but it all works together!

Then I made a set of quilted coasters, using part of a "fat quarter" of calico.  They're backed with muslin, filled with scraps of quilt batting, and quilted with silvery-grey perle cotton.  I'm slightly in love.

They come in a set of six, and they're reversible.  I like the grey-on-white side at least as much as the striped side!  So understated.  Find them here in the shop....

And finally, a big, squooshy, delicious ripple afghan, with plump tassels on all its points.  This is another stash-buster; I pulled out all the yarns I had in this understated, pink-and-tan colour palate, and supplemented with a couple splashes of brighter colours.  I love love love the stripe of turquoise at one end!

I also love how the sunlight gave such sharp definition to this last photograph.  You can see every stitch! This one is hard to part with but it is also on Etsy here.

I hope you all have a lovely remainder of your weekend, and a blessed first Sunday of Advent!  Maybe next week I will post something which doesn't have to do with Etsy ;-)