A Case of the Mondays

1. To begin with, I'm still sick.  We've proceeded to the sandpapered-throat, hoarse coughing stage, accompanied by a voice which has dropped at least a fifth and which is threatening to give out entirely.  I probably shouldn't have gone to school today, but I decided to muscle through and go anyway.  Which leads me to

2.  I locked my keys in the car.  Normally I'm extremely careful about that.  I collect my things, holding keys firmly in hand the whole time, and I check three times before I actually shut and lock the door.  Today, possibly due to 1), my mind was elsewhere.  As I pushed the door closed I saw the keys sitting on the seat, winking at me.

3.  AAA is really a great convenience.  I am glad I am a member.

4.  I wish I hadn't needed to find out how convenient they are today.

5.  Conrad went to the vet to get neutered today.  I'm going to have a sad little kitten after school.

6.  We will probably spend the rest of the day feeling miserable together.  I don't suppose having company will really help a lot.

7.  Owing to my illness over the weekend I have not done a lick of work on my major research project, for which I'm supposed to have an outline and 3 pages of prose by tomorrow morning.

8.  I have a feeling they're not going to get done tonight, either.

9.  Maybe the good professor will let me reschedule?

10.  At least I had a good homemade pumpkin spice latte this morning.  Recipe to follow.


  1. You poor thing! I hope you feel better very soon. We've been sick the past three weeks (now all better though) so I can sympathize with how miserable it is!

    I hope Conrad has a fast recovery and that you both enjoy each others company as you get better. I can't wait for the pumpkin spice latte recipe!

  2. ...Ask if she'll accept a couple of pages of poetry instead?
    What are you researching?

  3. Thanks, Sarah :-) I'm so glad you are all healthy now! I'm picking up Conrad in a couple hours, and I plan to curl up with my kitten and a cup of tea and not move for awhile :-)

    Arron - lol! I've got several good ones from my creative writing class last semester...
    I'm comparing the different methods in which Gounod and Bellini converted Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" into operas ("Romeo et Juliette" and "I Capuleti e i Montecci") - the way they approached the text, whether they altered plot, characters, etc, as well as the sources they drew from.

  4. Oh no! One of those days! And all on a Monday too! You have my sympathy and I hope your Tuesday is better xxxx


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