What I Did This Weekend

1.  Drove to Jackson on Thursday for a dress rehearsal.  (And a fantastic choral concert.)

2.  Slept in.  Graded papers.  Lunch with my best friend's dad, tea with my voice teacher.

3.  Performed Shakespeare's "The Winter's Tale".  (This is the show we did in the spring; we had a repeat performance as part of a conference on the legacy of the King James Version, which is having its 400th anniversary this year.)
I was "Time".  My main reflections on the part are that men's dress trousers were not made to fit my body, and I never ever want to wear white "clown" makeup again.  (The pocket watch was cool though!)

4.  Drove back to Clarksville.  (Saturday morning.)

5.  Sang downtown for the "Franklin Frolic" with the rest of the Austin Peay opera workshop class.

6.  Drove back to Jackson.

7.  Final performance of Winter's Tale.  Complete with technical difficulties and Mr Anderton, the director, doing hilarious impressions of everything that went wrong afterwards.

8.  Did not get nearly enough sleep.

9.  Woke up 15 minutes after I was supposed to have left for Clarksville this morning.  Still made it to church on time.  (Was very glad there were no cops on the road... *shifty eyes*)

10.  Took a 3-hour nap.  Won't sleep tonight because of it.  But it was worth it.

And now, videos from Saturday... if I can get them to imbed!  We sang outside in front of the Roxy downtown - it was fun!

"The Girl in 14G"

The "Papagena/Papageno" duet from the end of Mozart's "The Magic Flute", with baritone Walter Canales.