Life Goes On

I'm still alive, I promise.  The semester is finally getting into full swing and I find myself exhausted most of the time.  Something about waking up at 6:30 (or earlier) every morning and not getting home at night until around 7 (or later), probably.

I finally got my work assignments - assisting my voice teacher, grading papers for the music history and literature classes, and manning the listening library.  At the moment the last is the easiest - because nearly all the time no one is there, and one can sit and do homework or listen to music or, probably, sleep, uninterrupted.  I suspect it will make for excellent knitting time.  I haven't graded any papers yet but I look forward to it - music history and lit were favourite classes when I took them, so it'll be fun to review.  I'm trying to decide if it makes me a nerd to admit that I was slightly disappointed to hear that I don't get to grade the essays, just the multiple-choice sections!

This is the last weekend I have to go to Jackson for a while - we have two performances of The Winter's Tale (enlivened by an opera performance in Clarksville on Saturday afternoon, which means two round trips for me this weekend!) and then I'm DONE.  I've been enjoying revisiting the play but I can't tell you how happy I will be to be finished with the driving.

Meanwhile, today I sang "The Girl in 14G" -- the piece I'm performing on Saturday -- for a freshman piano class, to help me get over myself and actually act.  (Somehow I'm much more convincing in a practise room alone than I am in front of people... it's frustrating!)  I think it went well; anyway they seemed to like it.  Nothing like singing a string of high Ds before 10 AM!

I'm afraid this was not a very stimulating post.  I hope I'll find something more interesting to write about by next week (and maybe some pictures of socks, too.)