A Quilting Frame

I have been doing a fair amount of quilting and patchwork lately, and have felt the need of a quilting frame.  Last summer I bought a big hoop but it was unweildy and difficult to work with and I almost never used it. So this past week I did some searching online and after some research decided I would make my own out of PVC pipe.

I liked the look of this commercially-offered frame but definitely didn't like the $115.00 price tag.  I found instructions here to make a very similar one.  I did modify the dimensions slightly, making the frame about 30"x40" instead of the 40" square suggested.  I found almost all the materials at Lowes, right down the road, although I did have to order online the Snap Clamps that hold the quilt on the frame.  Even so, the materials cost me only $35.00 (including shipping for the snap clamps), and even if I count the hacksaw and blades which I bought to cut the pipes into the cost of material (and I am sure they will be used again for something else) the total cost of the frame is still under $50.  Less than half of what the commercially-made one costs!

A terrible photo but shows the construction of the frame.

It's not absolutely perfect - I could probably use a few more clamps to hold the fabric in place, and I may end up cutting it down to a slightly smaller size, maybe 25"x40 or so.  But for the time being I'm very pleased with it!

The only drawback is that I have to leave the quilt folded up on top of the frame, instead of decoratively draped, when I'm not working at it, because Conrad thinks hanging layers of fabric are the best toy ever. (Right now he is making great to-do over killing the little calico mouse Shannon made for him, since the quilt is safely out of the way.)

I must get back to work and finish a couple of dresses I'm making on commission.  But it's such a lovely day I don't want to be inside sewing!  The sun is shining, there's a bit of a breeze, and I hung my washing outside on a rack so it will dry quickly and smell sweet.

Have a lovely Saturday!