Polka Dots

I realised recently that though I've done quite a lot of sewing this winter and spring, I haven't posted about very many finished projects.  Partly this is because I've been busy, but mostly it's because I haven't been home, and therefore I haven't been able to talk my dad into photo shoots ;-)  But I've resolved to be better about this, and I've persuaded my roommate to snap some pictures whenever I wear one of my new creations.  We need to come up with some better locations for pictures, but you can't have everything.  So, here's the first one!

This is actually the most recent dress I've made and it's one of my favourites.  I used McCall's 5094.  The only alterations I made were to add two inches to each of the bodice sections.  (In retrospect, 1.5 inches would have been enough for the midriff section - it sits a tiny bit low and wrinkles a little.  Sometime I might go back and shorten it, but it's okay the way it is.)  I think for once I left the skirt the way it was designed!

I've had this fabric since spring semester of my sophomore year.  I even cut it out (except for the skirt lining) and made up half the bodice.  Then I realised I'd forgotten to add length to the bodice, so the "underbust" seam hit me mid-bust.  NOT attractive.  I guess I got frustrated and gave up, and it's been sitting on my shelf ever since.  A few weeks ago I decided I really did want to finish it, so I hauled it out, recut the bodice (I salvaged the straps from the first attempt) and put it together.

Somewhere in the last three years the instructions got lost... but I think I put it together more or less correctly.  Anyway, it fits!  This pattern went together quickly and it feels very "finished".  All the raw edges in the bodice are inside the lining, I did French seams on the skirt and lining, and turned the bodice lining over the waistband seam, so it's completely smooth and finished inside.  I even managed to do a hem on a partially bias-cut skirt that didn't wrinkle and scrunch itself!

I've worn this dress several times already, and I only finished it two weeks ago.  It's easy to dress up - here with my turquoise cardigan and pearls - or down; I wear it with an oatmeal-coloured corduroy jacket sometimes, or by itself if it's really hot.  And I'll definitely use this pattern again!