A Makeover

As I am sure you have noticed, I gave my blog an overhaul, redoing the layout and the colours.  Much as I liked the plain, almost spartan colour scheme and layout of the old look, I'm really enjoying the bright, spring green -- and the birds are a subtle reference to the meaning of my blog's title; "glanalaw" is a combination of two Welsh words which means, roughly, "pure melody".  Songbirds are the perfect image to go with that idea!  I'd appreciate feedback, though; is this readable?  Easy on the eye?  Do I need to tweak the colours?

I graduate from college tomorrow and start summer work (babysitting three mornings a week, and organizing my church's music library) on Monday.  It's hard to believe it's been four years since I first came to Union.  Time is funny - in a way it seems that these four years have flown by; in another, they've been the longest years of my life.  But some of the best.

I'll stop philosophizing now ;-)  Blessed weekend to you all!


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