I have a new kitten!  He was a graduation present from my best friend and her fiancé, and he is absolutely adorable.  (He does not like to sit still to have his picture made, though).  He's about 10 weeks old - which means he's smaller than my size-eleven shoe, completely unfamiliar with a litter box, and still cries for his mother.  He's also currently a flea-bag, but we're working on that.

His name is Conrad, and I adore him.


  1. He's soooooo cute! In that last pic he looks like "I can haz camera and then take over teh worlds?"

  2. He does kind of look like that :) The best part is he's so little he still walks crooked :D

  3. And he has the biggest, most adorable, blue eyes ever! You left off that part :-)


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