New Year

Well, it's a new year - and a new decade!  (I know the majority of the world is convinced that the decade started last year... but no - you have to count up to 10 before you finish a decade!  '11 is the real beginning.)

I'm back at the apartment for Jan-term, a one-month accelerated semester, in which I'm taking a course in Roman literature.  This is so exciting!  That probably makes me a geek and a nerd of the highest order, but I love the Aeneid and I'm absolutely dancing with glee over our Roman Coin project.  The teacher actually supplied each student with a REAL Roman coin, and our task is to clean, read, and identify our coin.  Then we have to talk about it in class.  Mine is soaking in olive oil right now (this is apparently the best way to loosen the rust and dirt) and I can't wait until it's clean enough to start identifying.  I'm sure I'll post pictures and progress as the month goes on!

I have a lot of craft projects ongoing - a baby sweater, several pairs of socks, and a couple of gift projects on the knitting side, and for sewing, my sister's Christmas outfit, several "business" pieces for myself, and my recital dress!  I'll have to post about that in more detail later.  I'm also making up four sundresses for a friend, using as a pattern a dress she loved and wore (almost literally) to pieces.  So I'm sure these will make an appearance as well!

In the mean time, I'm going to read Virgil and learn my recital music and try to stay WARM.  Our heater's not working and the warmest it's been since we got back on Sunday is about 62 degrees.  Brrr!  I wish I'd finished some of those socks already!


  1. I'm glad things seem to be well with you, but I just had to note, 62 is not cold. I thought you would have warmer blood being from up north. Lol. The warmest it's been here is 32 and people here are saying that this is an extremely warm winter.

  2. 62 is cold INSIDE, though! And when outside is below freezing. I guess I wasn't clear about that! Yeah, I'm used to outside temperatures well below freezing but even at home the coolest we keep the inside is about 64... and somehow those couple of degrees make a difference.


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