Chicken Soup for the Soul

You know that series of books, "Chicken Soup for the [insert age range/people group here] Soul"?  Today was a Chicken Soup for the Soul sort of day.  Well, we did actually have chicken soup (with dumplings, no less) for dinner tonight.  At about 8 o'clock.  We keep very European dining hours... mostly because we can't be bothered to start cooking until 6:30 or so... but anyway.

It wasn't really the soup that was chicken-soup-ish.  It was the rest of the day.  We'd had another couple inches of snow, which, this being Tennessee, necessitated the closing down of schools and meant we didn't have class.  I was okay with that.  Sleeping until 11:30 is never a problem with me.  So I got to sleep in, and then my roommate and I had a leisurely breakfast at about 1 o'clock - and then we spent the rest of the day watching Jane Austen movies and sewing.  I worked on the black suit that I'm making to wear for auditions, and Aubrey cut out quilt squares.  Quilt squares for MY quilt.  You know you have a paragon of a roommate when she volunteers to cut out quilt squares (and no, I don't own a rotary cutter) because she's run out of projects of her own.  Blessings on Aubrey!

It was just a relaxing day.  Productive - I got most of the jacket of my suit made - but so enjoyable.  After dinner we realized we were out of milk and butter and so we walked down to the store, about a half-mile away, because we wanted the exercise.  It was COLD, but the crisp breeze and fresh air were restorative.  That little walk on top of the quiet afternoon was just the thing.  Comfortable and nourishing (if one can say a walk is nourishing) in the same way that our dinner was.

Hooray for chicken soup!  Literal and figurative :)

This is not the chicken soup.  It is however the chicken whose bones furnished broth and whose meat ended up in the soup! 


  1. That chicken looks so yummy and I know that broth was amazing!


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