Lessons for the Day

1. Never, ever, ever put two and a half Scotch Bonnet peppers into a single moderately-sized pot of bean soup.  They are several times as hot as jalapeño peppers.

2.  Rice and couscous are your friends in the event that you do overdose on hot peppers.  Cornbread doesn't hurt, either.

3.  Coaching someone else through the writing of a research paper is much more difficult than writing it yourself.

4.  If you plan to piece an entire queen-sized quilt top by hand, don't lose your thimble.

5.  About 4 o'clock this afternoon I was all set to write a mean, snarky, rant-y blog post.

6.  One glorious sunset can do away with the need to write a mean, snarky, rant-y blog post.  God knows what he is doing :-)

7.  I may still write that rant.  But I'll do my best not to be mean and snarky!