Perfect Day

Tomorrow, I pack the U-Haul and close this chapter.

Today, I escaped from everything.  Went on the river with a bunch of dear friends.  Kayaked, splashed, sang, swam, climbed a waterfall and jumped off again.  Just enough sun, just enough rain, plenty of exercise to leave me pleasantly sore.  Memories I'll cherish.

A perfect day.

(Photos borrowed from a FB friend.)


  1. Looks like a lovely spot. I hope sunburn wasn't part of the equation!

    Happy travels!

    1. Incredibly, I seem to have avoided all but the slightest pink on my cheeks and shoulders! The sunscreen did its job well this time (and I've built up some sun tolerance already this year, which is unusual.)

  2. Have a safe drive, and keep up your blog so we can follow the next chapter, many blessings to a talented lady!

    1. Thanks, Donna :) I made it in one piece! And I'll definitely keep blogging... I'll try not to be gone for 4 months again!


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