Here's just a glimpse of what my life looks like this week... boxes and more boxes!  I'm packing up all my (many) worldly goods in preparation for a 600-mile trek from grad school back to my parents' house. Someone please explain to me how I managed to aquire quite so much stuff in the last two years...  Anyway, I'm loading up my U-Haul on Thursday and heading out on Friday.  Many mixed feelings... I'm so glad to be done with grad school, but I really don't want to leave all my friends here.  And I really hate moving.

Conrad has been alternately worried by the unusual activity (afraid I'll leave him behind, I think, although if he knew the ride he has ahead of him he might be glad to stay!) and fascinated by the boxes.  Especially when I decorated a stack with cat treats and let him at it.

And I've found a little time to work on this quilt, in the evenings after long days of packing.