A knitted pup

This project was a special request through Etsy.  The customer wanted a knitted version of her dog, and sent me photos to work from.  I've never done anything quite like that before!  (I was reminded of Eve in the book "Saffy's Angel" who paints portraits of people's dead pets...)

Anyway, we found a pattern that would work and I knitted him up, altering the markings to match the real dog.  He turned out pretty well but the pattern was a pain.  Up to this point the only stuffed animals I've made are my little elephants, which are quite straightforward and easy.  This guy had 13 pieces which I had to knit and then figure out how to sew up and stuff, and position properly so it would look anatomically correct and not fall over and so on.  I'll admit the finished product is pretty cute but I'll think long and hard before doing another piece like this.  (And charge more if I accept it.)

I chose a tweedy yarn to capture the dog's slightly multi-coloured coat, and gave him a blue bandana instead of a collar because he was wearing one in one of the photos I worked from.   I think that big black nose and the ears are my favourite parts!

Despite my struggles, here he is and I think he's pretty cute.  I hope his new owner likes him!


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