If I've been quiet around here, it's been mostly the time of year - end of semester exams, recital hearing (I passed!), work, pre-Christmas concerts.  (As a singer, this is probably my busiest time of year.)  But more than that it's just me.  I've been restless, unsettled - incredibly busy yet feeling at loose ends.  More than that I'm really having trouble believing that it's only a week until Christmas.  The weather's not helping - it persists in behaving like early October... but somehow the "Christmas spirit" is awfully slow in coming to me this year. 

This week I'm busy cleaning and cooking in preparation for my brother's visit, and also finishing up the last of the Christmas knitting (more than there should be, but I think it's doable.)  After Christmas you'll get all the gift-knitting in photos, but for now there's not much to show.  So I'll just leave you with a song from Kate Walsh, who I discovered a while ago but have really fallen in love with this week.  She has the sweetest voice. 


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