Housework goes so much better with an apron on.

My room was just as much a disaster as ever, but took less than half the time to clean that it usually does - because since I organized over the summer, I know exactly where everything is *supposed* to go.  I may not put it there on a daily basis but when it comes to clearing up, at least I have some structure to work with.

Conrad acts like we've moved to a new place every time I clean.  He has to sniff around and explore all the nooks and crannies as if for the first time ever.

I still have far more fabric and yarn than I have space in which to store them.

Candles make everything better.  So do fresh flowers.

I'm much more motivated to clean on days like yesterday - grey and blustery - than when it's sunny outside.  I'm not sure why that is?

It's finally beginning to feel like Christmas.  I think maybe I just needed some order in my life.