Pink Mitts and Dramatic Lighting

I finished another pair of mitts from Becky's Time on My Hands, this time the "Sun Dial" pattern.  These were so quick and easy to knit!  The heavier yarn and simple rib (with an easy cable on the thumb) meant these were a good bus project as I didn't have to constantly look at a pattern.

I did make a few changes.  The thumbs as knitted were way too long for my hands (which is really odd, because I have long hands!  Maybe my thumbs are just short?) so I ended up taking out the last element of the cable pattern (the last 5 rounds, I think).  I also decreased two stitches from the thumb as they were rather loose as well.  Possibly my gauge was off - I didn't check, but I don't want to say it's the pattern's fault!

They're really comfortable and the yarn I used - a Debbie Bliss merino DK weight - is incredibly soft.  I had a guy at school ask me if I could make him a pair - "Only not pink of course!" - so I think the design appeals to guys as well!

I think I said this when I posted about the Morningtide mitts but it's incredibly difficult to take decent pictures of something on your own hands.  I need to either find a new photographer or enlist someone as a hand model!  But I had fun with this "shoot" anyway.  I didn't have a sun dial but I did have copious amounts of dramatic late-afternoon sunlight :-)  Also, a Verdi opera score and a turntable with a pink swirl on it.

Also: I promise I knit two of these!  I realized as I was posting that for some reason nearly all the photos that turned out well are of the left hand/mitt.

Not really a good picture of the mitts but I like it anyway :)


  1. the mitts! The pattern on the thumb is so cute! I wish I could wear mitts, but I get terrible chillblains on my fingers, so it's full-on gloves any time it is remotely cold for me.

    BTW, I'm really sorry that your comments on my blog don't pop up right away. They get sent to spam every-single-time, and nothing I have tried has made a difference. Grrrrr!

  2. Thank you! I don't wear them outside once it gets close to freezing, but they are excellent for chilly classrooms or practise rooms! :-)

    I did wonder about my comments but I thought perhaps you just had your blog set up so that every comment had to be approved. Maybe it's related to the way I get pulled aside for special screening at every single security checkpoint I venture through!


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