One of those weeks

It's been one of those weeks.  You know the feeling.  When everything seems to take just a little extra effort... and doesn't seem worth the extra effort.  When you hit "snooze" on your alarm... more than once.  When you lie in bed wondering whether it would really be such a horrible thing if you just went back to sleep and skipped everything that day.  When you seriously consider cutting class (and it's not even because you haven't done the homework.)

For me, this feeling usually only lasts a day.  But this whole week has been like this for me.  I'm blaming part of it on the weather - it had been cool, crisp, and autumnal, but suddenly on Monday it was 80 and sticky again.  Now it's cool and raining and I feel less mentally foggy -- although physically I'm not so great.  I actually did skip school and sleep all morning, since when I woke up at 6 this morning my head felt like someone had been thumping it with a small hammer all night long, and an attempt to speak produced a sound only a consumptive frog would have been proud of.

I sound less like a chain-smoking amphibian now and the headache has subsided to a mere distant throb. It's probably time to get dressed, have a strong cup of tea, and tackle the massive project of cleaning my room.  (Including a puddle of cat sick.  Not my cat's.  The host family's cats come upstairs, eat Conrad's food, and puke it up again, always in my room.  Kind of them.  Did I mention it's been one of those weeks?)

In a more cheerful vein, I've been working on a Halloween costume, which I'm looking forward to showing you!  It involves over 50 hand-stitched eyelets, faux leather, and quantities of silver fabric paint, and I can't wait to wear it :-)


  1. I sympathize! {{hugs}} hope you are feeling more cheerful and peppy! I have those days/weeks myself at times (last week was one of them - the whole durn week!) but I too think the weather has a HUGE influence on how we physically and mentally feel. Your halloween costume sounds exciting. I cannot wait to see pictures of it! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hmmm... I could have sworn I replied to you last weekend! I felt MUCH better for the day at home; I think I just needed a rest and some sleep :-)

    Also, you've seen some photos of the costume at this point but I'm hoping to do a post on it this weekend. I want to get some more detail shots :-)


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