A Hasty Hat

I made this hat last week in about three days.  I wanted something to wear to David's graduation that had "gold" in it since his platoon's colour was gold.  But I don't really wear yellow so I had to get creative.

This used two shades of KnitPicks "Palette" yarn.  I don't know exactly which shades anymore since they were from my stash and the ball bands have gone awol.  The blue is left over from some socks I knitted back in the summer (which I need to post about, and put up on etsy, but I haven't photographed them yet!)

I did a turned hem at the bottom.  The inside of the band is a soft tencel-blend yarn, also from the stash.  I knew I didn't have enough of the blue sock yarn to line the ear band and the yellow wasn't soft enough, so I improvised.  I made up the stripes and colour work as I went along (I did mention this was a very hasty project, right?)

The whole hat would have benefited from a little more time and thought, especially in the increase/decrease rate, and if I'd had more of the blue yarn I would have made it slightly bigger and drapier.  But for the time I put into it I'm fairly pleased with it!  (Please excuse the pictures and the state of my hair.  I took them myself at a rest stop in North Carolina after I'd been awake for about 13 hours and driving for 4 hours!)


  1. What a glorious hat! I love it! And am quite in awe that you made this so rapidly and created the pattern as you went along. It looks so intricate and lovely. The colors are fabulous and look great with your hair!

  2. If that's a hasty hat I would love to see one that took you ages, it's lovely!


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